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  • Sep, 13 2019
    James O
    Across the 37 days I spent there I was not breathalyzed once. A gentleman who was talking about suicide ended up committing suicide by overdosing and was not found for almost a whole day. There was absolutely no supervision. From day one there I could have gone out drinking all day, drove back wasted, and nobody would have been the wiser.
    Therapy sessions were forced. If I didn't wish to share, they would pelt me with "you have to share something" until I gave in. Thats not how therapy works. When a person feels comfortable with sharing something then it comes out. You shouldn't be forces to share your feelings in front of 20 something people if you don't want to.
    There were bugs. The bathrooms were disgusting. The mattress I was given was thoroughly piss stained by previous tenants. And upon leaving the place early, I was promised a refund for the 3 weeks that I wasn't going to use... never got it. Dom the owner outright stole my money.
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